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First Shariah Compliant Blockchain

Tijarah Holding Ltd developed the MaalChain, the world's first shariah blockchain technology that uses

Concept-of-Identity consensus mechanisms with embedded Islamic principles of fairness, transparency, and equity. 

Ethical dApp Development

Ethical dApp Development
The MaalChain provides a platform for  changemakers, innovators, and visionaries with the tools and technologies needed to bring about positive change around the globe.

Identity Infrastructure For Web3

The world-class Maal blockchain mechanism of Concept-of-Identity is expected to ripple throughout the world and be adopted by users from the Islamic community, Islamic capital markets, conventional capital markets, and existing blockchain markets.

Robust Developer Libraries

Robust Developer libraries
Maal will provide Ethereum equivalent libraries, to build smart contracts and dApps which are already familiar and used by blockchain developers. Some library content, however, that permits haram activities such as gambling or adult content, is filtered out. Maal Blockchain allows only ethical  dApps to be developed within the ecosystem.

Mass Adoption

Mass Adoption
MaalChain overcomes the concerns of governments regarding blockchain compliance, allowing financial, insurance, and regulators to use it due to it's embedded Concept-of-Identity.

MaalChain The Way Forward


1.9 Billion

Muslim Underserved Market


3.8 Trillion

Shariah Capital Markets


2.6 Trillion

Halal Supply Chain

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